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This one product saves time, money, space and frustration!

Simple and sturdy with a space-saving design, our easy access Label Organizer does what its name suggests-It organizes labels to create a more efficient workflow, monitors inventory and eliminates waste by storing a variety of labels in one central, neat and clean receptacle. The Label Organizer's durable construction allows for both tabletop positioning or a wall mount option. Two 3/4" - diameter dowels span the width of the organizer and anchor in channels for a secure fit. The rugged dowels accommodate both large and small standard size label spools. It's modest 24"w x 9"d x 10 1/2"h measurement makes it a must-have item for every department... (read more)

Blanc Display Group Introduces New Label Organizer

Dover, NJ. Blanc Display Group listens to its customers and as such, the signage and display industry leader heeded the call from their clients to control the chaos of assorted labels in the production line. The solution? Blanc Display Group’s Label Organizer. The durable, sleek black plastic receptacle with two rows to fit a variety of label spools that are secured by dowels in grooved channels creates a more efficient workflow, monitors label inventory and eliminates waste by storing a variety of labels in one central location. Its modest 24”w x 9”d x 10 1/2”h footprint allows for tabletop display or an easy wall mount option. The cost of this new addition to the Blanc Display Group merchandising line ranges from $69.00 to $41.50 depending on quantity ordered. The cost conscious price point makes the Label Organizer a must-have item for every department. For more information contact Blanc Display Group at 888-332-5262 or (read more)

3-Tier Floral Bucket Metal Display

Our 3-Tier Floral Bucket Metal Display garners looks while offering a modest footprint for a baker's dozen of graduated rows of floral bucket holders. The display also includes an easy slide-on-and-tighten rustic barn wood 7"h x 11"w sign frame to complete the look. Classic black powder-coated, hollow 1/2" steel tubing make up the sturdy rack, which can be easily doubled, tripled and even quadrupled to create an impressive 360 degree display!... (read more)

Navigating the new menu labeling requirements just got easier

Full disclosure is in store—literally—and Blanc Display Group has the options to help make the transition smooth and easy. It’s simple. Calories per serving and expanded nutrition information must be available to customers for all individual servings of “to go” prepared foods*, like salad bars, hot bars, ordered deli sandwiches, etc.... (read more)

Say it with flowers and floral signs!

If a picture is worth a thousand words then our Marketplace Chalk™ Floral Signs entice customers to buy, share and enjoy flowers. Vivid chalk-style flowers draw the eye — and attention — of consumers with the promise of purchase. This bright cluster of blooms just might encourage customers to stop, smell and buy the roses, lilies, tulips, daisies...... (read more)