Our Company

As a start-up sign company in 1986, Blanc Industries, Inc. began selling signage to food manufacturers and supermarkets. In the years since its inception the company has been marked by expansion.

In 2008, we acquired Brinker Displays, an innovative, award-winning leader in the point-of-purchase advertising industry, specializing in the design and manufacturing of temporary and permanent displays. With the acquisition of Brinker Displays, we increased our presence in the high-caliber display category.

Less than two years later we acquired WP Sign Systems, known for most of their 78 years as Washington Poster, an icon in the supermarket sign industry. In the 1980’s WP Sign Systems began designing stock sign systems for the supermarket industry and ended up creating the most durable, efficient and innovative sign systems on the market at that time. A perfect complement to our vast product line, WP expanded the scope of our quality merchandise, manufacturing and distribution capabilities coast-to-coast.

In July 2014, The Blanc Industries Signage and Display Group acquired Wire Displays Inc., a well-known and highly respected family-run business for over 50 years and a leader in custom and stock wire racks and displays. The addition of Wire Displays Inc. has not only broadened our product offerings, it further demonstrates our commitment to bringing our customers the latest innovations and merchandise to remain competitive in the retail market.

As we have grown and changed, so has our name. Today we are known as Blanc Display Group. Our ability to manufacture all our products in-house helps ensure and better customer service through rigorous quality controls while keeping costs low. That is why we are a category leader in point-of-purchase signage and merchandising displays to the food industry.

As an environmentally conscious company, we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint—this has been our daily goal for many years. We are constantly seeking and implementing sustainable and energy-efficient alternatives to all our manufacturing materials and processes. It is a commitment we are dedicated to pursuing on behalf of our customers, our community and ourselves.

Sustainability & Responsibility

At Blanc Display Group we believe it is our responsibility and duty to engage in sustainable practices. In an effort to be more involved and effective in the reduction of our carbon footprint, we are committed to minimizing the environmental impact of our products by using environmentally-friendly materials and manufacturing processes whenever possible.

It is not only in our daily routine that we are dedicated to being more ecologically focused and energy efficient, we are in constant pursuit of new products, technologies, initiatives and methods that will exceed regulatory compliance codes.

Our commitment can be found in every level of the company. We continually strive to reduce or eliminate sources of pollution and waste materials that are within our control, whether it is through our operations management, supply chain or customer service.

Our pledge to cleaner work initiatives starts at home. One way we accomplish this is by running our entire facility with renewable energy. In an effort to re-use and/or eliminate ALL of our plastic waste, we recycle the scraps from our printing and vacuum-forming operations and incorporate them into the manufacturing of our plastic extrusions. Our extrusions are produced with as much as 100% recycled materials. In addition to these actions, we offer a complimentary recycling program to qualified customers, wherein old signage is picked up and then either recycled or disposed of responsibly. These procedures underscore our determination and commitment to implementing better "green" business practices.

We continually monitor and assess our progress, take corrective action where and when necessary and report on the status of our sustainability efforts annually. These checks and balances ensure that we at Blanc Display Group are fulfilling our promise to our customers, our community and ourselves.