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Promotional Topper Set - Fits 7"h x 11"w Frame. Set of 3

Item #: B3250061
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Easy add-on placards attract attention to existing sale signage with little effort. Best of all, they're reusable and evergreen (appropriate year-round)! Throw a spotlight on everyday items just by adding a promotional topper. Available in a set of 3 toppers (includes 1 each): "Locally Grown", "Organic" and "Sale" or individual theme sets of 5 toppers, these décor-neutral, flexible plastic toppers simply slide into your existing 7"h x 11" w or 11" h x 14"w sign frames or holders. The vivid promotional portion of each topper extends 3.5" atop the frame or holder. Add optional no-fuss, cost-effective clear pocket signage protectors (sold separately) to complete the set while at the same time adding to the longevity of your paper signage program.

From To Price Each
1 9 $14.50
10 49 $12.76
50 99 $11.60
100 249 $10.15
250 $8.70

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