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Separate Clips, Easels and Attachments

Outstanding Shelf Clip
Super Grip H-Clip. 1"w
Clear Plastic T-Stand - 4"
Weighted Base Teardrop Sign Holder - 1"h
Gourmet Clip,Separate
Separate Easel - 2" High
Basket Clip,Separate
Shelf Clip,Separate
Separate Easel - 0" High
Separate Easel - 4" High
Swivel Clip,Black,Separate
Swivel Clip,Translucent,Separate
Tray Clip,Separate
Plastic Molding Clip,Separate
Separate 2-Way Gourmet Clip
Clear 2-Way Easel,Separate
Black Bucket Clip,Separate
Black 2-Way Easel,Separate
Gripper Clip,Separate
Black Spring Clips No extender
Clear Spring Clips No extender
Clear Spring Clips 2" extender
Black Spring Clips 2" extender
Separate Spring Clip with Clip-On Sign Holder
Magnetic Base Clip-on Sign Holder. 4"
Fixed Adapter,Black
Swivel Spear Clip
Separate Easel - 1" High
Suction Cup Flush Sign Holder